Two moms. Five daughters. Opposite ends of the globe.

Two moms. Five daughters. A friendship that spans opposite ends of the globe.

We have been best friends for ages with a shared love for good food. A desire of good health for ourselves and our families have lead us to exploring the paleo lifestyle together. Enjoy our adventure!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Power outage!

I was getting really REALLY tired of chicken... SO, I was paging thru my new cookbook ("Everyday PALEO" by Sarah Fragoso) that Angie gave me (thanks again, Ange!) and stumbled across Salmon Cakes with Ginger Mayo. I did a double take, and then remembered.... I've made those. And better yet, the kids loved those! Believe me, I had my doubts. Canned salmon? I like salmon, but canned salmon? Bleh-it stinks! I'm not sure why I ever tried them in the first place, but I am so SO glad I did. (I was probably being lazy and trying to avoid a trip to the store.) Now here comes the fun part... I was at my mom's house and a storm was coming. I made the mayo first, and that was good, because within seconds after finishing it the power went out. I was literally scooping the mayo out of the blender in the dark. Luckily, mom has a gas stove top. I feel strongly that gas is better for cooking than electric---never more so than when the power is OUT. Kinda modern-day paleo to be cooking by lamplight!

Now, this is Sarah's recipe, so I won't post it again. (click the link here or above to get her recipe.) I will say, Don't worry if you have to substitute. Mom didn't have dried dill, but did have ancient dill seeds so I just chopped them a little to release some flavor. Sarah didn't mention how big the cans of salmon were, so I assumed small and used one big 14.5 ounce can. I also totally forgot to put mustard in the mayo. Still great. To make up for that-the green onions were fresh from dad's garden! The only bad thing about these salmon cakes is I forgot the leftovers at mom's house and can't have one right now!

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